All Used Equipment Categories

Please contact your local Perry branch website to view our inventory of used & refurbished process plant and machinery.

Accumulating Table
Bag Machines (Plastic)
Belt Furnaces
Blown Film Dies
Blown Film Line
Blown Film Nip Rolls
Boilers & Power Generation
Bottle Blow Molder
Box Furnaces
Briquetting Presses
Calender Plastic
Calenders, Super (Paper)
Cast Film Extrusion Line
Chain Table Top Conveyors
CIP Systems
Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders
Columns (48″ Diameter Up To 71″ Diameter)
Columns (Up to 47″ Diameter)
Columns Europe
Compounding and Reclaim Extrusion
Cone Crushers
Converting Equipment
Conveyors, Miscellaneous
Counter-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders
Dehumidifier Dryer
Downstream Extrusion Equipment
Dryer for Extruders
Extruder Barrels & Screws
Extruder Line Pipe Mics. 

Extruder Plastic Co-Ex Block
Extruder Temperature Panels
Extruders 1.00″ – 1.99″
Extruders 2.00″ – 2.99″
Extruders 3.00″ – 3.99″
Extruders 4.00″ – 4.99″
Extruders 6.00″ – 6.99″
Extruders 8.00″ – 8.99″
Extrusion Accessories
Extrusion Accessories Air Rings
Extrusion Die Accessories
Extrusion Line Feeders
Fiber Extrusion Line
Filling and Packaging Equipment
Film Treaters
Flat Belt Conveyors
Food and Edible Oils Processing
Granulators & Cutters
Headboxes (Paper)
Heat Exchangers
Hydraulic Die Cutter Presses
Hydraulic Presses
Impact Crushers
Industrial Blow Molder
Injection Molder (0 – 100 Ton)
Injection Molder (100 – 200 Ton)
Injection Molder (200 – 400 Ton)
Injection Molder (400 – 600 Ton)
Injection Molder (600 Ton & Larger)
Injection Molds
Jaw Crushers
Magnetic Separators
Mills & Granulators
Mills, Lines & System
Mixers & Blenders
Pan Coating Equipment
Paper Machine Calenders 

Paper Machine Parts
Paper Machine Rolls
Paper Machinery, Misc.
Paper Machines 0″ to 98″ (2.50 meters)
Paper Machines 99″ – 157″ (2.51 – 4.00 meters)
Paper Machines Over 157″ (over 4.00 meters)
Pipe Extrusion Line
Polyurethane Molders
Profile and Pipe Extrusion
Roll Crushers
Rotary Table Injection Molder
Rubber Extruders
Rubber Injection Molder
Screen Changers
Screw Conveyors
Sheet Dies
Sheet Extrusion Line
Sheet Thermoformer
Sheet/Cast Extrusion
Steam Turbines
Stock Prep
Sugar Equipment
Tablet Presses
Tanks & Vessels
Thermoformer Trim Press
Transformer Dry Type
Transformer Oil Filled
Used Blow Molder Molds
Used Cartoner
Used Dryers (Paper)
Vacuum Metalizer
Vibrating Conveyors
Water Treatment Equipment
Web Fed Thermoformer
Yankee Dryers